What is Sustainable Farming?? 🌱🌿

   From a young age I have been interested in sustainable agriculture, but without knowing what it was called or how it functions as a category all its own. 

   This is what I believe may be an enormous reason for societies blind eye to how our food is produced as a whole. AFO’s (animal feeding operations) and CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations) give the bare minimum to animals leaving chemicals and conditions that are damaging to the environment and the living. This leads into the same area of environmental devastation as other Conventional Farming practices; such as continual inputs of pesticides and genetically modifying organisms in produce and the soil underneath. As a result, one third of the Earth’s topsoil is gone and the other two thirds are swiftly depleting. With ninety five percent of our food coming from the soil, as well as other household products, we must make an effort to regenerate the land and create a societal conscience for the animals and produce we consume. 

   Sustainable Farming is an attempt to do exactly that. By renewing an old way of growing our food we can give back while still supporting ourselves. In the effort to use natural alternatives rather than non reusable or harmful substances, the main goal is a healthier Earth and population. This is achieved in many ways. It goes in depth into understanding the ecosystem and the biology of plants and animals we consume daily. And by this knowledge, working a cycle between the two. First, is researching the science behind the crops and animals with factors like what keep pests away, location, and weather. As well as, intertwining the two. It is done by a simple system between the animals and plants natural way of life. Starting with sending animals to roam the land eating what they find and defecating before moving them to another location. This prepares the soil by breaking it up and adding Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium which allows farmers to begin the planting process in a more welcoming ground. Once harvesting has been done, the cycle is repeated on and on. This system is essential to keeping the land, animals, farmers, and consumers healthy all at the same time. Sustainable brings to mind that it can stay alive mostly depending on itself. However, the labor comes in the maintenance of the land, water, plants, crops, and animals

   While there are many ways to go about describing sustainable agriculture. I believe in my research I have found some advice that seemed to help me understand what it is it means more as a whole.“A sustainable agriculture must be all three – ecologically sound, economically viable and socially responsible. And the three must be in harmony.” ( Dr. John E. Ikerd, Extension Professor at the University of Missouri, offers his view of sustainability ) https://www.westernsare.org/About-Us/What-is-Sustainable-Agriculture      


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