Help the Amazon From Home!

There is no easy way to say it, we are in danger. The Amazon is burning at an alarming rate and effecting the Earth more every second. And many are rushing to its aid. Evidently, most of us are unable to buy a plane ticket there or put in millions in donations. That is okay, YOU CAN STILL HELP!! Here is some of the ways how parents and kids can start helping the Amazon at home!!


  • Donate– Most of us can’t give as much as generous celebrities but every individual has the potential to save even the smallest amount of the Amazon and the animals who call it home
  • Cut Back On Beef– Like most of the world, I love beef. So its a little intimidating for me to see this one BUT ITS NOT QUITTING BEEF! Just cutting portions or frequency. This is a small price to pay when our land is being cleared daily to make room for the ever growing hunger of beef
  • Reduce, Reuse, Renew– While this is one many know, it isn’t one many do. One way is simply sort trash into labeled trash bins as you throw it away every day
  • Reduce Consumption– Try lessening consumption of things such as oil, paper, and wood
  • Speak UP– Raise awareness in many ways such as educating friends and family, protesting, and social media posting
  • Buy Sustainable– Use less waste by purchasing and using sustainable products
  • Raise Your Voice– During my time researching this topic I came across one this a few times and it really struck me as important. Hold businesses accountable for destruction and deforestation for products


  • Raise Your Voice– You may be small but your voice is BIG! Educate those around you by researching about the Amazon and use that knowledge to make posters and tell your friends. EVEN USE THIS AS A CLASS PROJECT!!
  • Donate– Raise money with fun projects like lemonade stands and dog walking then donate to join the fight
  • Make a Change– Help your parents by suggesting changes around the house. Simple things like recipes for 1 meal a day with no meat, buying more sustainable products, and recycling
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle– Try shrinking your trash by reducing how much you make. Reuse things like plastic bottles. Recycle all you can daily
  • Plant Something Great– Plant a tree, flowers, even food WHATEVER YOU LIKE!
  • Exercise– Walk or ride a bike rather than having to use the car to get somewhere

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