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Welcome to my blog about the health of your mind and body! I am very much an old soul for being 18. I was raised with an open mind that I use to learn about everything around. My name is Phoenix Blaze Castaneda. Yep. That is the name I was given and throughout my life it has also been a true statement about me. A Phoenix bird rises from ashes, but only after it is burned. In life we all have Phoenix moments where we resurrect from the fire. My biggest Phoenix moment happened Dec. of 2017 when I got into a car accident that changed everything. That night I was with my friends driving when the car flipped, ejecting both me and the driver. I woke up 4 days later in the hospital with no knowledge of what happened or the severity of my accident. I was told the driver had passed and most of the internal damage was in the right side of my face. About 20 hours of plastic surgery put 10 metal plates and more in place to give me my life back. Once I was out of the hospital I started finding any natural options to pull me away from medications that were hurting me more than helping. Now I am exploring the world, spreading what I have learned to help those around me too.

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